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Ep20 | Don't Get Screwed by Your Point of Sale

Welcome back to Clearing the Way. A resource for small business. I talk with sales and HR experts, other small business owners, and anyone else that can provide you with information to clear your way to success.

Today's episode about choosing your Point of Sale (POS) and knowing how to make sure you are getting what's right for you.

Understanding the fees, subscriptions, hardware costs, hardware compatibility, and everything else associated with your POS can be overwhelming. If you don't know much about the systems, how can you know if someone is actually providing the service that is best for your business.

There are 2 keys takeaways:

1) Don't be afraid to "Pause" and do more research.

2) Ask the right questions.

What questions should you ask?

What do I pay? Is there a monthly subscription fee? Do you have a monthly payment for your hardware?

When do I need to pay? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? How does this impact your cashflow? Is the amount the same each month? If not, is there an easy way for you to track what that number will be?

How do I get my money? Can I make a transfer anytime? Can you schedule it?

What does it do better than the competition? What’s the cost difference?

What will it cost to change? What features will be lost? What will be gained? How much will it cost to implement the change? It will definitely take time, but do you need to hire someone else to implement the change or can you do it yourself? Are you even capable of doing it yourself? What will it cost to get out of your current system? Can you just stop using your system or are you locked in for a certain amount of time? What does that contract look like? What is the upfront cost for the new system?

If you need help, please reach out. Don’t get screwed or taken advantage of just because you don’t know any better. 

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