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Ep17 | Becoming a Better Communicator with Jeremy Widenhofer

Welcome back to Clearing the Way. A resource for small business. I talk with sales and HR experts, other small business owners, and anyone else that can provide you with information to clear your way to success.

Today’s Topic: Communication

My guest today is Jeremy Widenhofer, owner of Chitwood Communcations. Jeremy graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a Bachelors in Public and Environmental Affairs. He then attended the University of Pittsburgh to receive his Masters in Public and International Affairs. Jeremy spent a few years in the corporate world as an Account Manager before transitioning to over to the government. He spent the next 12 years within the government and Department of State where he was responsible for creating the Presidential Daily Brief, building national security solutions, and collaborating with the FBI and the military on high stakes situations. In 2020, Jeremy started Chitwood Communications. Chitwood Communications gives you the resources, knowledge, and confidence to elevate your interpersonal and sales skills that will grow your business.

Jeremy Widenhofer




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