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Each business has its own goals for their website. Didius helps you to understand what you can accomplish through your site to maximize its value. 
Chicco Baccello

A coffee shop and deli that also hosts events. Didius implemented an online event request system to automate some of the booking process. The original needs did not include the capability to order online; however, once the pandemic hit, we were able to quickly add this feature. 

Chicco Baccello Website
Chicco Baccello Website

New Era Health Plans needed a modern website that inspired confidence for their customers. They also needed a locked space for new agents to complete training. 

Baldwin Hair Loft

Baldwin Hair Loft was in need of a relatively basic website that was easy to navigate and allowed customers to find all information necessary to complete their hair appointment booking. 

Baldwin Hair Loft Website
Baldwin Hair Loft Website
Crazy Horse Coffee

Crazy Horse Coffee had 2 main focuses: Bringing people into their physical location and allowing customers to purchase their gear online. For this reason, we used a slightly different approach than normal, showing site visitors those options as soon as they visit the site.

Integrity Slickline Services

Integrity Slickline needed to have the ability to accept applications and job requests. They focus heavily on their charitable contributions and wanted to allow viewers of their site to easily make donations to the same causes. 

Integrity Slickline Website
Integrity Slickline Website
Bridge Insurance Website
Bridge Insurance Website
Bridge Insurance Group

Bridge Insurance needed a site that simply provided a list of their services and agents, as well as all relevant contact information. 

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