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Ep15 | Friends in Business with Andrew Gradert

Welcome back to Clearing the Way. A resource for small business. I talk with sales and HR experts, other small business owners, and anyone else that can provide you with information to clear your way to success.

My guest today is Andrew Gradert, Co-Founder of Maestros' Sauce Company. Andrew graduated from West Liberty University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems. He received his MBA from Waynesburg University in 2012. Andrew began working at PPG as an IT Security Analyst in 2010. He moved on to become a Senior Auditor and Analytics Lead before starting his current role as a Global Data Governance Manager. In 2019, Maestros’ Sauce Company was founded. Maestros takes pride in their ability to create sauces that satisfy a craving for both heat and flavor. As of September 20th, Andrew sits in 15th place out of 49, 6 spots ahead of me, in the North Strabane Disc Golf Handicap League.

Andrew Gradert






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