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Ep14 | Home Buying as a New Business Owner with Bob Stienstraw

Welcome back to Clearing the Way. A resource for small business. I talk with sales and HR experts, other small business owners, and anyone else that can provide you with information to clear your way to success.

Today’s Topic is a little different: Buying a Home as a New Business Owner

Topics Covered:

  • Preparing to purchase a home

  • How much cash is needed?

  • What is different for a business owner?

My guest today is Bob Stienstraw. Real Estate Agent with RiverPoint Realty, Managing Owner of Leading Properties and Co-Owner of ACE Atlantic Investments. Bob graduated from Clarion University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Business Administration. He has worked in Real Estate since then. Bob and I graduated together, played sports together all through school, and have been friends for years.

Bob Stienstraw






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