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Ep04 | Planning and Efficiency with Preston Miller

Welcome back to “Clearing the Way," I’m your host, Bradley Martin. My goal is to uncover the challenges that small business owners have faced along their way so that you can be better prepared when you experience something similar.

My guest today is fun one. One of my longest friends, Preston Miller, owner of Rusted Barrel BBQ. Preston choke slammed me in 5th grade because I pulled his chair out from underneath him as he sat down. Preston graduated from Triangle Tech with an associates degree in Welding. He has worked in oil & gas for almost 10 years, working his way up as high as an Operations Supervisor. Preston has been a live-long cook, which is actually something that him and I have bonded over since early in our friendship. We used to doctor up our ramen noodles with shrimp and whatever else we could find in his house. In May of 2019, he decided to take it a bit more seriously, investing in a food truck and opening Rusted Barrel BBQ.

In this episode, we discuss how poor planning and communication can impact both your business and personal relationships.

Preston Miller




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