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Ep03 | Do The Things Only You Can Do with Cliff Wonsettler

Welcome back to “Clearing the Way," I’m your host, Bradley Martin. My goal is to uncover the challenges that small business owners have faced along their way so that you can be better prepared when you experience something similar.

My guest today is Cliff Wonsettler, Founder of Wonsettler Physical Therapy. Cliff attended Penn State University, where he wrestled until he suffered a neck injury. He graduated in 2004 with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and Excersice Science. Cliff went on to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Pittsburgh. He spent over 9 years in conventional physical therapy. In 2019, he opened Wonsettler Physical Therapy with the desire to take a more holistic approach to physical therapy. A place where mind, body, and spirit could be changed for the better. His team has grown quickly to a total of 7 physical therapists and 7 support staff members.

I met Cliff right around the time he was planning and preparing to open, so I’ve been able to observe the growth from the outside since the beginning, which is why I thought it would be really cool to talk to him on here.

In this discussion, we cover the difficult decision to pass work off to others on your team and the value of your time as the business owner.

Cliff Wonsettler


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