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Ep 34 | Dog Treats to Developer with Mark Kennison

Welcome back to Clearing the Way. A resource for small business. I talk with sales and HR experts, other small business owners, and anyone else that can provide you with information to clear your way to success.

In today's episode, we discuss the balance of passion and reality, overcoming setbacks, the importance of planning, and the unlikely transition from selling dog treats to helping develop a city.

Mark Kennison is the owner of President’s Pub and 19 North. Mark is a Washington and Jefferson alumni and lifelong Washington, PA resident. He has been responsible for the start of tons of Washington staples over the last decade or more. He was the founder of Upper Crust, The Italian Deli & Rachel Rose’s Coffee Shop which are now Chicco Baccello, President’s Pub, 19 North And Forbidden Cellars (I think?). Mark’s recent focus on 19 North has brought a ton of traffic downtown and has provided the downtown area with a fantastic event venue that has hosted multiple concerts, comedy shows, winter farmers markets, jazz festivals, and plenty of others.

Mark Kennison

President's Pub:

19 North:


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