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I took on my first website project while I was working with Benz & Ravella during the summer of 2016. Their website hadn't been updated in years and I decided that I could re-design it. After several iterations, we had a pretty solid site. From there, I helped Lynn at Bridge Insurance Group with a redesign. I continued working with friends of friends, refining the process and improving the quality each time.



Obsessed with disc golf, we decided to start a YouTube channel (HomeSlice Disc Golf). I had a little experience with very basic video editing prior to starting the channel. When we were younger, I was always the one tasked with capturing our outdoor adventures. With each video we produced, I would learn something new and make the process a bit more efficient. Burnout ensued. No more HomeSlice. But the video editing skill was developed. Through circumstances quite similar to Website Design, I had my first video projects. 


I took on more projects, and then in June of 2019, I made this "side-gig" into my full-time job. After discussions with a friend and mentor, I settled on the name "New Breed Transformation," but I never really bought into it. I didn't love the name. It was too long, not easy to say, the available domains weren't great, etc... But I loved the butterfly logo that I created. It signified exactly what I wanted to help small, local businesses with:

un-exciting and outdated  -->  vibrant and modern.


It didn't come from the Roman emperor whose reign lasted 9 weeks...

I wanted to change the name of the business but keep the butterfly. I began researching butterflies and there it was; the vibrant Morpho Didius Butterfly. Its the butterfly in the background throughout this site. 

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